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We help people with cases involving federal disability retirement, federal workers compensation, appeals to the Merit System Protection Board, employment discrimination, Social Security disability, third party liability and a variety of other issues faced by hundreds of federal employees who we are dedicated to serve.

Key to Success

We believe that the key to our own success is to:

  1. offer a very helpful service at a reasonable price
  2. establish a personal and trusting relationship with our clientele
  3. develop the client's satisfaction with our work and our charges.

This requires an understanding of your goals, the identification of the issues that must be addressed in your case, and the development of a workable plan of action to obtain a realistic solution.

Team Approach

In order to accomplish this, we usually develop a "team" approach which includes:

  1. taking plenty of time and care in listening to you
  2. analyzing your medical records and other factors relating to your injury
  3. allocating special work assignments to our attorneys, paralegals, and legal assistants
  4. preparing for and conducting telephone discussions with your doctor to explain to him/her the issues of your case and how they need to be addressed
  5. presenting your claim in a persuasive and easily understandable format
  6. assisting the OWCP and OPM claims examiners and administrative law judges to understand how the evidence now supports approval of your claim

Control Costs

All of the above must be done with the control of costs to you in mind. Therefore, we must efficiently plan how much time must be expended and how much work can be responsibly delegated to less expensive, but qualified, personnel.

We strive to control the costs to our clients by having our paralegals conduct substantive legal work which can include, but is not limited to:

  1. conducting client interviews and maintaining general contact with the client,
  2. extensive medical records analysis
  3. locating and interviewing witnesses,
  4. conducting investigations,
  5. gathering statistical and documentary research,
  6. drafting documents, correspondence, and pleadings,
  7. summarizing depositions, interrogatories, and testimonies, and
  8. attending and participating in administrative hearings.

Because this work is supported by our legal assistants, our attorneys are responsible for verifying that the work of the paralegals and the legal assistants is at the quality compatible with the professional obligations of the federal employee attorney.

Talk With Us

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If at any time the client has any concerns or questions about the quality or costs for the services, he is encouraged to discuss them at length with attorney Brad Harris.

We do not take offense with such discussions. Instead, we consider them to be essential in the development of a better relationship! Please click here to learn more about our fees.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

"Your office won me more than $100,000 for my schedule award. I couldn't be happier with your hard work, honesty, and professionalism." J.J., Postal Service, Louisville, KY

"I was very impressed with your integrity - especially when it came to your fees which ended up being much less than I expected." J.J., Postal Service, Louisville, KY

"You were always available when I needed you and very professional in all of your interactions. I highly recommend your services to anyone dealing with the postal service." C.J., Postal Service, Commerce, GA

"I feel that you two have gone beyond what was really expected of normal cases. I wish that more injured workers knew of the help that you have to offer" S.J., Postal Service, Horseshoe Bay, TX

"Within 3 months Harris Federal Law Firm got me approved for disability retirement from the Postal Service. They have the experience and ability to get the job done right the first time." M.O., Postal Service, Long Beach, CA

"A total of four other lawyers looked over my denial for disability retirement and three contacted me wanting double or triple of what you charged... Your ‘can do' attitude was appreciated and reflected in your ‘did it' results." J.M., Zion, IL

"They helped me get disability retirement and then my schedule award... I don't think I could have managed without them. They were great." B.C.,USDA Louisville, KY

"Thanks for all your help with my disability retirement from the USPS... I would advise anyone that is working toward a disability retirement to include your firm in their plans." R.W., Postal Service, Louisville, KY

"I can't Thank you enough for helping win my appeal. I went from a settlement of $0 to one that I feel is fair!" M.M.,USPS Decatur, IL

"From the time we initially talked for "4!" hours on the telephone, up to when the final award arrived in the mail, your whole firm has been a God send." C.J., Postal Service, San Antonio, TX

"Thank you for working on my disability case and getting me approved within four months... My family and I will remain thankful forever." P.T., Postal Service, Chicago, IL

"It is very rare in this world to get what you pay for. Grant Ostrander is worth every dollar." R.S., Transportation Security Administration, Las Vegas, NV

"Harris Federal Law Firm helped me in receiving my schedule award. I am recommending everyone to utilize their services. Thank you Brad and Bo!" A.C., USPS Bothel, WA

"Dear Bo and the Harris Federal Law Firm, You guys are awesome; you really came through and got my disability retirement approved when I had almost given up." B.R., USPS Loves Park, IL

"I was worried at first that you were so far away and I'd probably never meet you; but I was wrong to worry."  J.B., Postal Service, Wolcottville, IN

"Bo, I want to thank you, Brad and the staff of Harris Federal Law Firm for the success and ease of winning my Disability Retirement and Schedule Award cases." C.J., Postal Service, Commerce, GA

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